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RESILIENCE: Learning in the Face of Adversity

‘A unique and intensely practical 2-day opportunity to tap into the collective wisdom of the SAS and Olympic psychology training …"

Now by invitation only

Based in Herefordshire on 1st-2nd Novemeber 2017.

A 2-day program designed and delivered by former members of the Special Forces (SAS), an Olympic performance psychology coach (www.performancelegacy.com) & the Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance (IPEP).  Gain practical insights into what it means to perform under pressure in the 21st century.

• Co-designed with the Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance (http://ipep.bangor.ac.uk/) a world leading research centre. The programme combines research and the experience of top level performers.

Systematically explore strategies for optimising performance intelligence, focus, emotional control, motivation and self-confidence in order to perform at your best.

• Personal feedback & development plan for every participant plus a discount plan for future 1:1 performance coaching.

• Learning materials, notes and resources to take away in order to to help develop your teams resilience and performance and provide enduring results for your business.

• Unique chance to challenge yourself and develop the performance mindset of the best.    


The fantastic mix of practical exercises closely knitted with high performance theory has been life changing.

The resilience course was a great combination of tasks taking you out of your comfort zone, psychological reviews and self analysis to allow improvements to be made. The course enabled me to improve my confidence and my performance in my role as a senior neurological physiotherapist. I am enjoying my job far more now and have a greater focus. A superb course and one I would highly recommend to people in all walks of life.

Took a great deal from it and feel the benefits will have a huge positive influence on both my work life and personal life

A really thought provoking course, that if drawn into real life will have tremendous benefit to oneself, family and business

I attended the course thinking there must be a better and easier way to handle stress and perform under pressure than I was currently using, I was feeling exhausted. The course pushed me outside of my comfort zone whilst also ensuring the support and care was there to ensure learning could happen and I felt safe to push myself. I learnt so many techniques that I can put into practice immediately in performing in my role as well as being able to support others and my team. This combined with the understanding I have gained on why pressure impacts us has meant I feel more in control and have mechanisms for both handling pressure situations and being able to think more clearly throughout them. The combination of experience and coaching meant I was not only learning but also feeling the difference in the moment. I left the course feeling tired yet with more energy than I’d had for ages.

Eye opening, thought provoking and potentially life-changing

This course gave me a fantastic opportunity to challenge myself in a more thought-provoking environment, helping me to understand what I am I capable of, the effects of which, I feel will have life changing consequences.

Fantastic, life-changing & thought provoking.

Metris provide a course that goes beyond brilliant and enters the realm of an amazing, thought provoking & eye opening event where you will breach barriers you didn't even know existed. 

The whole process I found really interesting and engaging, this is completely different to other executive courses that I have attended in the past, but I 100% recommend this course. Dan and his team have enabled me to think differently and provided me with the ability to stop and re-focus, this can only help me going forward in my career...From the experience I can only say how helpful and informative I found the whole experience. My only advice to anybody doing it in the future would be to go in with an open mind, be prepared to listen and get stuck in. An amazing experience!! 

I have found the course a true life-changing experience. It is not designed to help you with work / careers aspirations only but to address more personal goals. It is in fact more of a personal journey than a work related one. Fantastic!

A brilliant course that can have not just thought provoking info but can be life changing. 


£995 (Excl VAT) (inclusive of all food and accommodation at a Georgian Country House Hotel in Ross on Wye).

This programme is now by invitation only.  If you would like to be express an interest in a place please register below:

Register your interest here:  http://eepurl.com/cdt9i9.


Providing you are healthy the course is suitable for all fitness levels