Coaching for Performance - Notes

The opponent within one’s own head is more formidable than the one the other side of the net’ Gallwey

Coaching is unlocking peoples potential to maximize their own performance.

Maybe harder to give up instructing than to learn how to coach!

Good coaching should take a performer beyond the limitations of the coaches own knowledge.

Build awareness and responsibility and self-belief

Universal block = fear of failure or lack or confidence

Desired result from the coaching sessions without fail optimal clarity commitment to action and pre-emption of all obstacles

Intent of every coaching intereaction is to build the players self-belief

Bought up on telling, first as children then school, then by a boss – therefore good at it it’s a default but don’t remember well what we are told – matrix on p 22

Competition and growth are losing their currency; stability sustainability and collaboration gaining traction.

Blame is about history, fear and the past, need to refocus on aspiration hope and the future

Can only control that you are aware of. Awareness empowers you. Our natural level of self-awareness is relatively low. Self-awareness is knowing what you are experiencing. Input

(self generated) high quality relevant input

Telling someone to be responsible for something does not make them feel responsible that only comes with CHOICE.

Qualities of a coach: Patient, detached, supportive, interested, listens, perceptive, aware, self-aware, attentive, retentive

Problems can only be resolved at the level beneath that at which they manifest themselves.

Don’t use WHY questions it often implies criticism

Take notes, reflect back to check understanding

Helpful questions: What else? If you knew the answer what would it be? What would be the consequence of that for you and others? What criteria are you using? What is the harderst part of that for you? What advice would you give a friend in this situation? Imagine having a dialogue with the wisest person you can think of what would he or she tell you to do? What would you gain or lose by..? If someone said or did that to you what would you think do? I don’t know where to go next with this where would you go / what would the next question be?

When I want to I perform better than when I have to


What would you like to get out of this session

We have 1 hour where would you like to get to by the end of the session

What would be the most helpful thing for you to take away from the session

How much are you willing to invest in the process


End goals

Performance goals. What performance level would give you a chance of        achieving the end goal


SMART – specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, time phased