Effective Modern Coaching - Notes

Player = better word than coachee

Player is stuck or unstuck, coaches is role is to help them get unstuck

Thinking unfolds a river seen from a great height flows fairly directly from high to low. In detail in probably meanders a lot in its course

Awareness is curative

Human behaviour has a tremendous capacity for getting in the way of itself

Model T- EXPAND then Focus

Follow interest

Primary goal of the coach is to understand

Repeating, summarizing and paraphrasing to check understanding

Questions that clarify, what when, where, who, how or how much

Only 1 mistake in coaching and that is to irreparably damage the relationship

No such thing as negative feedback- only data but gets contaminated by judgement usually about being right vs wrong

Contract, data, action

Contract includes clarity of intent and an offer- do you want this?

Action is important because without addressing this what is the point of the feedback?