Extreme Ownership - Notes

Effective leaders lead successful teams that accomplish their missions and win

It’s a myth that military leadership is easy because subordinates unquestioningly do as they are told – soldiers have to trust in and believe the leaders they are asked to follow

Extreme ownership – the fault is always yours your responsible so must task ownership of everything. Taking full ownership increases trust of those you lead and those you follow in the chain of command – integrity

Extreme ownership –no1 characteristic of HPT

First blame yourself and examine what you can do

There are no bad team only bad leaders

Leadership is the single greatest factor in any teams performance

‘When it comes to standards as a leader it’s not what you preach its what you tolerate’

When setting standards, no matter what is said or written, if poor performance is accepted and nothing is said and no one is accountable that poor performance becomes the standard – leaders must enforce standards.

Its not about you its about the mission and how to accomplish it. Seal unit adopted regulation dress and haircuts in order to build a better relationship with the ground holding units – humility

Cover and move – help each other work together (fire and manoeuvre)

Make people outside part of the team, build a relationship explain what and why you need them be inclusive – part of the team not an excuse for the team

Teams of teams think strategically about the best way to accomplish the mission and avoid the easy blame game or inter unit rivalries etc

Intent is the most important part of the brief. When its understood by everyone it gives you decision and action on the ground because it aligns decision making and action at all levels

Difference between being good and being exceptional down to self-discipline (self leading, self starting self learning)

Discipline provided flexibility because it automated everything to a drill that could be saving time and thought creating time for to think to be adaptable innovative etc.

Leading people is the most challenging and therefore the most gratifying of all human endeavors.


40% rule – when you think your done and you cant give any more in fact you’ve got to about 40% (not from this book but another Navy Seal)