The Score Takes Care of Itself - Notes

Sets out detailed ‘standard of performance’ a leadership philosophy and a way of doing things.

At is source your team bespeaks values and a way doing things that emanate from a source – you the leader

Hired on 4 characteristics, talent, character, functional intelligence (think on your feet when it matters) and willingness to adopt my philosophy.

People want to believe they are part of something special

Few things offer greater return on investment than praise

Don’t fly by the seat of your pants, preparation before all hell breaks loose is what counts

Be a king without a crown most neglected skill in leadership is the ability to listen.

4 messages to the inner voice of great leaders:

  • We can win if we work hard enough and smart enough
  • We can win if we put the needs of the group ahead of our own
  • We can win if we can improve there is always room for improvement
  • I know what is required for us to win I will show you what that is

Joe Montana style of leadership:

  • Treat people like people
  • Seek positive relationships through encourgament support and critical evaluation
  • Afford everyone equal dignity, respect and treatment
  • Blend honesty and diplomacy
  • Allow for a wide range of moods in the workplace
  • Etc
  • Etc @ 44%

Teaching defines your leadership

Seek character beware characters Wooden ‘I wanted players who had character not players who were characters’

Fortitude and resilience to cling to a standard of performance in both good and bad times (eg jungle training)

The bottom 20 % may determine your success

I believe in you – 4 most powerful words, great boost to self-confidence

Conventional wisdom = conventional results

Good leaders are always learning, always working on maintaining and improving the fundamentals.

Quick results come slowly

Pre- game preparation called for public commitment – can we count on you for xx I need to know