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When to Press & When to Rest?

I’ve been thinking a lot about growth and repair recently. Partly as I recently fell…

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Do You Have The Self-Discipline To Win?

There is an implicit narrative about self-discipline in pretty much everything I’ve written about in these posts.  With the turn of the year and with at least a couple of lbs of spare Christmas pudding hanging around my midriff, now seems a good time to be thinking about discipline and…

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4 Ways to Build Leadership Resilience

Resilience is often described as a key characteristic of a tenacious and successful leader. The ability to lead despite obstacles is difficult but can make or break the success of a relationship, a project, or a company. But what defines a resilient leader? Mental toughness? Willpower and grit? Endurance? Resilience…

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4 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From My Kids

I have the great good fortune to be a parent and to have the experience of trying to raise two small boys. Every day brings its challenges and excitement – long days and short years, as one exhausted friend commented. Along the way I’ve probably learnt almost as much about…

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Ways to think & act outside the box

LOTS OF BUSINESSES THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX; NOT ONE IN A THOUSAND ACTS OUTSIDE THE BOX. Here’s the question – how do we get out of here? Imprisoned by our own assumptions and experience; thinking and acting differently is no mean feat. When it comes to critical, innovative or disruptive…

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