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Freedom Inside Constraints

The Legendary Basketball coach John Wooden[1], would begin each new season by sitting down his…

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Chicken-liken vs. the little engine that could
Chicken-Liken vs The Little Engine That Could

by lynkalogirou   It is not that often that I take inspiration from Children’s literature but as I was recently reminded, ‘if you want new ideas, read old books[1].’ The story of Chicken Liken comes from a very old book and certainly pre-dates any attempts to record it in print. It…

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Do You Have A Wizard Of Oz Problem?

In the Wizard of Oz, the heroine, Dorothy, finds herself on a quest with three companions; a scarecrow in need of a brain, a tin man with no heart and a lion without courage. In our troubled times, as businesses seek to navigate the uncertainty of the immediate future and…

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Nightclub rules

In or Out by Hendrik Wieduwilt (CCCP Bar Berlin Mitte) A common complaint of senior executives is that they don’t have enough time. Particularly they don’t have enough time to focus on thinking strategically. There seems always to be a deluge of things that are important – often defined by…

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‘We Don’t Ask Enough Dumb Questions!’

This post is a reflection on a couple of recent conversations and experiences with clients thinking about trying to make good decisions. ‘We don’t ask enough ‘dumb’ questions’. Dumb questions rather than wasting time or being the distraction you might assume are often highly valuable. They’re great and flushing out…

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10 Things That Will Define High Performing 21st Century Teams

More information and data than ever before – paradoxically leading to less rather than more understanding. Constant disruptive change, sometimes from choice but often driven by a reactive necessity to adapt, to compete or survive. The acceptance of ambiguity becomes the new clarity and is accompanied by a sense of…

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What the Battle of the Somme can Teach Leaders About Learning Lessons

‘Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future. And time future contained in time past.’ TS Eliot Today (1 July 2016) marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the battle of the Somme.  One of the most infamous days in the history of Britain and the single…

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