High Performance is About Development not Training

‘The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson


High performance in work place teams including the indivisible requirement for leadership is about development not training. This short post is about the difference between training and development and why it matters. Training and development are words often used interchangeably when companies talk about leadership and team building but their meaning is distinct. Training is designed to teach a specific skill – which implies that the person or group receiving the training do not currently have this skill and secondly that training is sometimes something which is done to you rather than a process you proactively engage in.

Development in contrast is fundamentally about realising potential, it implies an existing level of knowledge and skill and wholehearted engagement from participants who generally provide their own answers through a process of active learning and reflection. This is often best enabled by an external facilitator or coach. Development is about helping to maximise the potential of individuals and organisations.

Metris Leadership is a specialist consultancy in the field of leadership and team performance. We help leaders and teams develop high performance behaviours and habits. Our objective is to help our clients enhance their competitive advantage by developing and embedding exceptional leadership and teamwork in the business.


Metris Leadership helps businesses build high performance teams, optimized for the challenges of the 21st Century because great teams provide standout competitive advantage.

To find out how we could help you contact us at info@metrisleadership.com

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