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Why Fools & Failures are the Secret to Innovation

I love fools’ experiments. I’m always making them. Charles Darwin   Metris Leadership has recently…

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2 Habits for Elite Team Performance

No. 1 Repeat, until you achieve and maintain the standard. In the game of golf ‘taking a mulligan’ is a chance to repeat a shot.  History records, perhaps apocryphally, that the phrase derives its origins from a player named David Mulligan, a Canadian player who was the manager at the…

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A 3 Minute Guide to Strategy

Strategy is too often taken to mean no more than a plan – how I intend to achieve my objectives? Not much of a start point and the basis for a lot of confusion.   In a military context Strategy can be defined as the use of force (or threat of…

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Why your Ethos is Awesome but your Culture Sucks

Living up to your ethos is not easy. As a leader in the military I learned that getting the right culture takes leadership. A lesson the army has had to relearn itself in recent years as high profile failures such as the bullying of recruits at Deepcut and the mistreatment…

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Why Anticipation Matters in High Performance Teams

Recently I was lucky enough to do some work with the Performance staff of one of team GB’s elite athlete programmes. One of the lessons that really struck me over the course of several days was the importance of anticipation in elite performance and its role in developing high performance…

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3 Reasons Good Manners are Killing Performance

Most of you like me were no doubt taught from a very early age the importance of manners. These protocols shape our behaviour towards one another and these considerations of others help to shape our communal society. Anyone with small children will know how unnatural many of these behaviours are…

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Why Loyalty Often Means Disagreeing with the Boss

Loyalty is highly prized both by leaders and organisations, but usually for the wrong reasons and here’s why. Too often loyalty as a characteristic is taken to mean agreement and compliance. In other words, ‘to support this leader and this organisation I must agree with them and their decisions’. There…

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