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People Potential – 3 Tips on Engagment

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more…

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High Performance is About Development not Training

‘The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson   High performance in work place teams including the indivisible requirement for leadership is about development not training. This short post is about the difference between training and development and why it matters. Training and development…

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4 Secrets of Elite Team Performance (1)

I spent most of my military career leading special forces soldiers. Here are a few of the things I learnt about developing and sustaining elite performance, which are also directly applicable to business. Selecting the Right People Elite organisations are incredibly careful about their selection procedures. One element of this…

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Why Fools & Failures are the Secret to Innovation

I love fools’ experiments. I’m always making them. Charles Darwin   Metris Leadership has recently been doing some work with a national retailer who places a high premium on their ability to innovate. They even have a President’s prize, which gives a large financial incentive to anyone providing successful new…

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2 Habits for Elite Team Performance

No. 1 Repeat, until you achieve and maintain the standard. In the game of golf ‘taking a mulligan’ is a chance to repeat a shot.  History records, perhaps apocryphally, that the phrase derives its origins from a player named David Mulligan, a Canadian player who was the manager at the…

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A 3 Minute Guide to Strategy

Strategy is too often taken to mean no more than a plan – how I intend to achieve my objectives? Not much of a start point and the basis for a lot of confusion.   In a military context Strategy can be defined as the use of force (or threat of…

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Why your Ethos is Awesome but your Culture Sucks

Living up to your ethos is not easy. As a leader in the military I learned that getting the right culture takes leadership. A lesson the army has had to relearn itself in recent years as high profile failures such as the bullying of recruits at Deepcut and the mistreatment…

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