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Resilience, Secrets of a Winner’s Mind, part 3

 Biological symptoms and markers for stress Adopting a challenge mindset – what is positive in…

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Resilence, Secrets of a Winner’s Mind, Podcast part 2

Knowing your basics & generating simplicity from complexity Pushing comfort zones and your threshold for staying in control Having a base camp that allows you explore discomfort Thinking correctly under pressure and operating in your “Bubble” The power of relationships and not relying on status to get people listening Avoiding…

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Resilience, Secrets of a Winner’s Mind podcast part 1

  How everyone can tap into the psychology of what they do? The power of consistency Resilience and the human condition Integrating failure into your learning progress Do you know yourself well enough to get better? How much is resilience gifted to us and how much can we learn? Practicing…

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