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3 Reasons to Put Humility at the Heart of your Leadership

It may not at first be obvious why humility should be taken as a prerequisite…

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5 Things You Should Know about High Performance Teams

High performance teams are defined by their ability to get results – consistently and against the odds. Lots of ambitious organisations and business aspire to create high performance teams because of the competitive advantage they generate – which translates directly to the bottom line! Here are 5 characteristics worth thinking…

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4 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From My Kids

I have the great good fortune to be a parent and to have the experience of trying to raise two small boys. Every day brings its challenges and excitement – long days and short years, as one exhausted friend commented. Along the way I’ve probably learnt almost as much about…

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Ways to think & act outside the box

LOTS OF BUSINESSES THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX; NOT ONE IN A THOUSAND ACTS OUTSIDE THE BOX. Here’s the question – how do we get out of here? Imprisoned by our own assumptions and experience; thinking and acting differently is no mean feat. When it comes to critical, innovative or disruptive…

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HRH The Duke of Edinburgh: Duty Above All

I had the privilege once of meeting Prince Philip and the Queen and talking with them briefly about life in the military and work we had been conducting. It was just one of their engagements, no doubt lost in the memory to them but precious to me like so many…

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Resilience, Secrets of a Winner’s Mind, part 3

 Biological symptoms and markers for stress Adopting a challenge mindset – what is positive in the situation? Individual & collective mindset – how does the mindset of performance scale up form the individual to the team? Hacking performance – quick wins

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Resilence, Secrets of a Winner’s Mind, Podcast part 2

Knowing your basics & generating simplicity from complexity Pushing comfort zones and your threshold for staying in control Having a base camp that allows you explore discomfort Thinking correctly under pressure and operating in your “Bubble” The power of relationships and not relying on status to get people listening Avoiding…

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