Practice + Patience = Magic.

Leadership and teamwork are skills.  Like any skill we start with varying degrees of aptitude but whatever the start point we have the potential to get a lot better.

The gap in our development is rarely a lack of knowledge but a lack of effective practice.

Our philosophy is that we need some theory and knowledge and a lot of practice. Practice over time leads to excellence.

There are 480 minutes in an 8-hour working day. We will spend the majority of that time focused on the work of our company or organization. We don’t have time for training, we are not like sports teams or the military who spend most of their time training and practicing and only occasionally performing. Business is performing all the time.  To get better we have to be able to practice effectively at work, during work. We can’t stop to do training and even when we do, that is too little time to be effective or to have long-term impact.


Work with us because we are experts at designing practice for leadership and teams that works within the time constraints of your business.


Historically leadership has not gotten any better over time. Are the leaders in your business noticeably better than they were 5 or 10-years ago? Leadership is almost universally average, maybe good enough if average is your thing but a mile off your actual potential. Why is that? It’s not for lack of knowledge. The world is not short of books or theories on leadership. But it is short of leaders who deliberately practice their craft and it is short of organizations that know how to weave the practice of leadership into the working day. Are you ready to learn more about how to break this cycle?

81-Years of Unchangingly Average Leadership