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Bespoke Programmes

Bespoke: 'Written or adapted for a specific user or purpose' Oxford English Dictionary


Every business is different and its challenges are best addressed with precision and understanding rather than a one-size-fits that assumes one solution will apply to all clients.

A typical process for a bespoke programme is as follows:

Stage 1 - Develop clear understanding of the requirement, what success would look like and the current situation or capability.  This can be as light touch as a telephone conversation or may involve specific consultancy to audit, assess and baseline a capability.  In general this involves discussing the analysis of a range of stakeholders and gauging their view of current behaviours, performance and future potential. 

Stage 2 - Design and deliver an off-site programme.  Typically 2-3 days long, an intensive hands on programme of problem solving, performance reviews and analysis with some models and voice of experience context designed to rapidly accelerate learning.  This stage is designed to deliver a powerful disruptive experience to kick-start a performance development process; joining the dots between your past experience, your experience on the programme and how to connect this to lasting gains in performance as an individual and a team going forward.

Stage 3 - Make it sticky.  Convert intentions into lasting sustainable change. Performance development takes time, sustained effort, deliberate practice, close attention to feedback and honestly holding yourself and others to account.  This is where most programmes fail but for us this is the critical stage.  We help you design a systematic approach to performance development that can be applied at work, whilst working.  Coaching, follow up workshops, embedding lessons identified, performance audits, check-ins and nudge emails all help to work through the friction of making real change.