High performance cultures

Do you know what your culture is? Do you know if it’s healthy or where there might be problems? Does the culture enable your goals and performance or does it get in the way?

We believe that one of the most critical roles of senior executives is to be responsible for their organisational culture. To do that you have to be able to define it and measure it.

Organisational culture is nothing more than what happens when everyone turns up to work and begins to interact. It’s an accumulation of social behaviours in turn influenced by leaders, others in the group, the work you do and the meaning that work has.

Every organisation has a culture. Very few organisations are deliberate about how they design, nurture and maintain that culture.

When cultures go wrong, it’s always a failure of leadership and the risks to the organisation are lethal, extremely damaging or at best deeply corrosive.

When the culture is strong it becomes a super-power, enabling and encouraging all of the key behaviours that shape and drive your organisational and team performance.

Our Performance Cultural Assessment Tool© (PCA) provides the Board and senior leaders with a diagnostic of your current culture baselined against the key elements of a high performance culture and incorporating your priorities and aspirations.

Performance Cultural Assessment© (PCA) Dashboard of Key Performance Elements


When leaders know what the culture actually is, they can be deliberate about what they need to do, where they need to focus and how they can embed a culture of high performance into the organisation.

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