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Workshops & Public Speaking

Workshops are a great way of addressing specific issues in a rapid digestible format. They can be extremely time efficient and work around the business to minimize disruption.  Workshops can be one-off events or form part of a series, which, over a period of several weeks or or months can be a very cost effective way of developing performance. Our workshops typically deal with key challenges for leaders and teams such as: decision-making; strategy and execution; communicating; building high performance cultures; trust; accountability & feedback systems.  Recent workshops have included:

  • The Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence, lessons for business from the SAS.
  • Diseases in Teams. Their identification, treatment & Care. A study in the development of high performance.
  • Why your Open Door Policy Sucks, effective communications for leaders.

Public Speaking is a great way to get a short intensive digest of our experience and what we think about leadership and the development of teams.  Stories from elite sport, Special Forces operations or combat with the Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan provide inspiration and food for thought.