Workshops & Key Note Speaking

Workshops are a great way of addressing specific issues in a rapid digestible format. They can be extremely time efficient and work around the business to minimize disruption.  Workshops can be one-off events or form part of a series, which, over a period of several weeks or or months can be a very cost effective way of developing performance. Our workshops typically deal with key challenges for leaders and teams such as: decision-making; strategy and execution; communicating; building high performance cultures; trust; resilience, accountability & feedback systems.  Recent workshops have included:

  • The Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence, lessons for business from the SAS.
  • Diseases in Teams. Their identification, treatment & Care. A study in the development of high performance.
  • Why your Open Door Policy Sucks, effective communications for leaders.


Key Note events. Have Dan come and support your conference event. For insights on leadership, teams and resilience from a former Specialist Military Unit commander connect here with Dan to find out how we can support your event.