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Blackwell's leadership development programme:


This programme comprised an intense 3 day off-site with subsequent follow up workshops and coaching to embed performance development.  Here's what a few of the participants thought...

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What our clients say

I have seen many presentations on leadership but Dan's had an engagingly fresh and relevant perspective. It made a convincing case for applying the principles of Special Forces leadership and teamwork to business. We got a huge amount out of this presentation and we also had very positive feedback from our clients who attended as well.

Jeremy Holt, Partner in Clark Holt Commercial

Dan’s extraordinary background and personal experiences, combined with his insightful analysis and natural story telling ability, make him a highly talented speaker who can simultaneously inspire, educate and entertain.

Ed Dickson, Managing Director TorghlightGroup Ltd

Dan’s talk about high performance teams, leadership and goal-setting was extremely enlightening. Our group is made up of highly accomplished sales professionals with years of experience of working with major companies. They can be a challenging audience, but you captured them with your unique experiences, your conviction and clarity of message. Fantastic!"

Adam Levy, The Networking Board

Dear Dan, you were brilliant. I wanted to describe the SAS style of leadership. You put across exactly what I wanted. Those present had heard all sorts of presentations over the years, but nothing absolutely nothing, like yours. Your messages, illustrated with personal anecdotes, really got home and will be remembered.

Toby Blackwell, President Blackwells

Having experienced a number of management and leadership training courses during different periods of my career over the past 10 years, without doubt the most impactful, fundamental, and important were the lessons and experience gained from tuition with Dan. Dan's world-class approach to training is engaging, challenging, and rewarding in equal measure.

Greg Hall, Group Account Director Donor

Mark undertook a number of workshops with our senior leadership teams that aligned strategy & vision to core values. This successfully led to transformation of the operating culture and alignment to the corporate ethos." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Martin Neeson, Managing Director Skanska

NPS Property Consultants used Metris Leadership to help us run a short leadership development experience for some of our senior leaders / company directors. They gave us a fantastic experience and some real food for thought, we will certainly use them again and would highly recommend them to others interested in developing & leading high performance teams. A hugely valuable training investment we have made in the future of our people and our company.

James Pratt, NPS Property Consultants

The feedback we have had, has been more than we could have asked for..... quite amazing in terms of the mind set etc brilliant job!

Linda Dunbar-Bassett, Head of Human Resources Blackwells

Thank you for all your input into our leadership training, it has been very challenging at times and enlightening too.

Jane Humby, Director Knipe Whiting Heath & Associates

‘Working with Dan and Mark over the last couple of years has been liberating and inspiring for our whole team. Focusing on leadership skills and becoming a high performance team have led us on some tough trails to hard won summits. They have supported us strongly throughout in a variety of practical ways. Their ability to translate their special forces skills to our special workforce has been fearsome. Any doubts we may have had about the relevance of their knowledge to our commercial working environment were quashed very quickly. Their professionalism and tenacity has inspired the whole team to trust and grow together and has built confidence and focus.’

Clare Jenner, Director Knipe Whiting Heath & Associates

I have found the course a true life-changing experience. It is not designed to help you with work / careers aspirations only but to address more personal goals. It is in fact more of a personal journey than a work related one. Fantastic!

Silvia Haywood , Commerzbank

The whole process I found really interesting and engaging, this is completely different to other executive courses that I have attended in the past, but I 100% recommend this course. Dan and his team have enabled me to think differently and provided me with the ability to stop and re-focus, this can only help me going forward in my career...From the experience I can only say how helpful and informative I found the whole experience. My only advice to anybody doing it in the future would be to go in with an open mind, be prepared to listen and get stuck in. An amazing experience!!

Sarah Holder, Partner Lockton LLP

A huge thank you from all of us at Sussex. The talk was brilliant and very applicable to us as a team. The lads would have taken a great deal from your experience and you made it relate really well to our game.

Mark Davies, Head Coach Sussex County Cricket Club

We have worked with Martin for several years and cannot recommend him highly enough. He’s worked with our senior management team developing our leadership skills and also the whole business helping us shape working better as a collective and on an individual basis where we can become more purpose driven and results focussed. His style is both warm and engaging, energetic and empowering and I can honestly say the whole business has bought into his approach and most importantly, we have seen the results of his training across the whole business.

Leon Mills - We Are Adam, Founder & Director

Whilst working with Martin, we’ve grown from 15 to 35 inspired people who are contributing massively to our growth and our place as a ‘key player’ in the industry.

Jon Woodall Space 48 & Founder of MageTitans Events, Managing Director

Dan is an excellent coach, and coming to Metris has precipitated significant changes in my beliefs, attitudes, and the language I use with myself and others. I feel far more aware, responsive, and better equipped. It’s been an enjoyable, challenging, enlightening experience.

Senior Executive, Senior Executive & Business owner

It was very obvious within 2-3 weeks that faced with COVID-19 and the transition to working from home, that the team was facing stress and anxiety. An excellent presentation from Dan and Metris helped contextualize the experience and emotions we were feeling as well as providing a great framework to help sustain high performance in the face of adversity. They come with my highest recommendation.

Michael Hall , Global Head of Research Product Management, RBC Capital Markets.