The Man Who Needs a New Tractor is Already Paying for it

What applies to machinery applies just as much to building teams. An irreparably broken machine leaves no option but to replace it or stop the business it was used for. A machine that does not work very well offers more options. Do you pay the cost of replacement now or put up with sub standard or interrupted service for a while. The investment cost is deferred but the operational and lost opportunity costs go up.

Teams that don’t work very well, that are somehow less the sum of their parts create exactly the same dilemma. They cost a business every day but in a manner we find difficult to notice, quantify or pay attention to.

It’s prudent to fix the roof whilst the sun shines. Building high performance teams is the same. Don’t wait until it’s broken.


Metris Leadership helps businesses build high performance teams, optimized for the challenges of the 21st Century because great teams provide standout competitive advantage.

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