Why Metris?

There are two parts to answering the question. Partly this is something about us and partly this is also something about you.

About you.

You care about the work you do, the people in your team and the organization and the mission you have set yourselves. You have a belief that organizations should be communities of human beings rather than a collection of human resources and that when the talent of your people can be unleashed and harnessed then great things can happen. You care about leadership and teamwork and have a sense that they are somehow critical to everything else that happens, if you get these right everything else will fall into place.  You also believe that everyone can get better but that this often needs the help of an ally who can work with you from outside of the business or organization.  Finally you have a belief in possibility. The possibility that we can grow and move beyond where we are now, the possibility that there is a long way to go before we reach our true potential and the possibility that if our leadership, teamwork and culture were excellent we could be even more successful, competitive and resilient.

About us.

Our belief is that what makes the leadership and performance of Special Forces (SF) teams so effective is directly transferable to any high performance team environment.  We also think that these environments have more in common than you might first assume. We deal with novel problems in ambiguous environments. There is usually too little or too much information and we don’t have time to make sense of it properly. There are multiple-stakeholders with competing views of success, the stakes are high and we care about the consequences of our actions. There is no right answer but there will be an outcome depending on how we think, decide and execute. How do we lead and perform in these circumstances? Well if this sounds a bit like your world then we have the experience and the insights to answer that challenge.


  • Specialists in human performance. We work with clients to help even the best perform better.


  • Applied Research. Through our partnership and collaboration with the Institute for the Psychology of Elite Performance (IPEP), a world-leading research centre based at Bangor University, and our academic advisors we look at how cutting edge research can be translated into practical applications.


  • A unique combination of skills and experience drawn from three overlapping areas of expertise: elite military, performance psychology and business. Together they give us the edge over others in our field. We are all experienced practitioners with a proven track record of success in the most demanding environments.


  • Skilled in designing effective and engaging programmes that deliver powerful outcomes for commercial & Government clients. The focus of our programmes and consultancy is how to design effective practice for you that works in the context of your business.


  • Care for our clients’ businesses. We want our clients to be successful and we see ourselves as partners in that process.Everything we do is targeted at improving the performance of the clients we serve & we will always go the extra mile to achieve that. We use the Special Forces military metaphor to help engage participants and provide examples of high performance.