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About us

Metris Leadership is a performance consultancy dedicated to the idea that high performance teams and great leadership provide a stand out competitive advantage. We established the company because what makes the leadership and performance of Special Forces teams so effective is directly transferable to business.

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Practice + Patience = Magic.

Leadership and team work are skills. The secret to getting better is the nature and quality of your practice. A big part of Metris' USP is our ability to help you design practice for leaders and teams that works at work, during work, doing work.

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Why Choose Metris?

Boost Income by 756%

Strong performance cultures increase net income by an average of 756% over 11 years (Harvard Business School)

Become more Competitive

'The ability to learn and to translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competative advantage.' Jack Welch

Better Decisions

Good decisions in complextity are critical to your success

Better Leaders

Accelerating leader development as a catalyts for excellence.

Resilient People, Resilient Teams

To adapt and sustain performance in the face of adversity.

The Power of Teamwork

We can teach you to build teams that are more than the sum of the parts.

Culture First

Helping leaders deliberately build and sustain the cultures they want.

Well, apart from being honourable, a great laugh, brilliant at his craft, a staunch realist, a room reader, a family man, an inspirer and someone whose opinion I rely upon for wisdom, Dan's a bit crap really. You get the picture. Pretty sure that Dan and team could solve pretty much any problem in a boardroom, an account group, on a mountain or hanging from a pair of Olympic rings. If you want to define, nurture and develop your people in line with your business growth ambitions give him a buzz.

Mark Young

New Business Director Liquorice

Outstanding. The learning outcomes from the two week programme provided by Metris are applicable to every aspect of a high performance environment. I'd recommend them for everything from opening a coffee shop to creating a national space programme.

NATO Special Forces Officer

Mark undertook a number of workshops with our senior leadership teams that aligned strategy & vision to core values. This successfully led to transformation of the operating culture and alignment to the corporate ethos." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Martin Neeson


NPS Property Consultants used Metris Leadership to help us run a short leadership development experience for some of our senior leaders / company directors. They gave us a fantastic experience and some real food for thought, we will certainly use them again and would highly recommend them to others interested in developing & leading high performance teams. A hugely valuable training investment we have made in the future of our people and our company.

James Pratt


Thank you for all your input into our leadership training, it has been very challenging at times and enlightening too.

Jane Humby


The feedback we have had, has been more than we could have asked for..... quite amazing in terms of the mind set etc brilliant job!

Linda Dunbar-Bassett


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