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Who we are

Our heritage and ethos have their roots in the lessons of high performance teams and the pursuit of excellence learned through service in the SAS (Special Air Service) blended with the experience and expertise of others with a similar background in elite performance, from sport, business and the military. Our associates have a proven track record in developing leaders,  share our values and ethos and have experience as exceptional leaders. What motivates all of us is the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience to help others become the best leaders they can and to help those leaders build exceptional teams.

I have seen many presentations on leadership but Dan's had an engagingly fresh and relevant perspective. It made a convincing case for applying the principles of Special Forces leadership and teamwork to business. We got a huge amount out of this presentation and we also had very positive feedback from our clients who attended as well.



High performance teams deliver results, consistently and often against the odds.  They are full of dynamic self-starting individuals who each take personal responsibility for the goals of the team.  Metris Leadership is a business with its roots in the SAS - an outstanding example of a high performance team.  It is the knowledge and experience of this environment combined with a passion for learning and performance development that inspires us to work with the most dynamic and ambitious businesses in order to maximise their potential.

“Military work is risky, pressured, and fast-changing. It calls for seemingly contradictory capabilities: absolute clarity about the mission at a high level, extraordinary adaptability on the ground, and a knack for managing complex, technically precise systems. These are the same skills that companies today need to prevail in a climate of intense economic uncertainty.”

-Harvard Business Review